the rifffs band promo photography

The Rifffs Band Promo Photography 2009

the rifffs band promo photography

My second shoot for The Rifffs was just before the release of their new album ‘Moonstomp‘. Over the course of one day I shot the band both in the studio and on location at the Msida Skate Park.

I used to see the skate park every morning on my way into the studio and noticed the words ‘SKA’te park in big white letters all along one wall. Just perfect for a SKA band promo shoot, a match made in heaven, I thought.

Some weeks before the shoot was scheduled both myself and Howard (Jagged House Management), the band’s manager had discussed, created and exchanged various mood boards to serve as a style guide for use during the shoot. In band promo photography I find this an essential part of any shoot. Another very important thing for me to do prior to all band promo shoots is make sure I listen to and become familiar with the band’s music. After all, if you are trying to convey a bands image, their music has to play a huge role in the look of the final photography.

After a morning photographing the band in the studio, Howard, myself and the band headed off to the aformentioned skatepark, stopping off along the way for pastizzi and refreshments, before proceeding to shoot in various locations in and around the immediate vicinty.

Technical information: Camera: Canon Eos 1DS Mark 2 Lens: Canon 28-70mm f2.8L. Lighting: Studio – Hensel Monoblocs, Location: Alien Bees Ringflash and daylight.

You can listen to The Rifffs new album and get more information about the band on their myspace page here.

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