Not many people are aware that I am also a practising Senior Art Director / graphic designer with over 20years of experience. People know me more for my Photography. So I thought it is about time to showcase some of the work I have done over a long, illustrious career in Design and marketing. Some of the examples are quite old, but I will try and add more recent work in the coming months.

E mail me for freelance services in the following disciplines:

  • Branding design, production and strategy
  • Web design, production, seo, optimization and strategy
  • Landing page design, testing and strategy
  • Email marketing design, production and strategy
  • Video marketing strategy, video seo, video concept, design and production
  • In-house design team strategy, team building, process
  • Project planning and process
  • Integrated marketing campaigns
  • Social media marketing campaigns

You can view my design portfolio here:

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