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Old school classics with a funky S.K.A. twist… ladies and gentlemen… The Rifffs

The Rifffs band Promo Valletta Malta

There’s something quite magical about Malta’s capital city Valletta that has always intrigued me. When the Rifffs first contacted me and explained that they were an old school S.K.A. band recently reformed after many years absence; images of scooters, Fred Perry’s, Harringtons and Valletta immediately sprung to mind.

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I was aware of The Rifffs as my wife had an original copy of their first single ‘Dance Music for the 80′s Depression‘ stored away at home. Of course I made sure to get each member of the band to duly sign the said copy before the shoot commenced! It was a very long and arduous day in Valletta only marred by my inability to remember Naggu’s name, no problem Rayvin, Ray and Cookes informed me – just call him Nigel! Which I duly proceeded to do throughout the rest of the shoot. It’s a wonder I didnt get thumped! The shoot finished off with a refreshing drink at Oliver Reed’s final resting place, The Pub in Valletta. A totally enjoyable shoot with a great bunch of talented musicians.
Shot on a Canon Eos 1DS Mark 2, with a Canon 28-70mm f2.8L Series Lens. Lighting: Alien Bees Ringflash and daylight.

You can learn more about the Rifffs and hear their new album ‘Moonstomphere. They are managed by Jagged House. There is also an interesting interview with the band on Malta Inside Out. This post was originally uploaded in December 2008. There are many more shots that need to be uploaded here – I need to find the time to go through my archives. Since this shoot the band line-up has changed but these are the original band members.

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